Silken Encounters

A Journey to Samarkand

This is the story of one of the oldest known forms of theater in Japan, performed in one of Asia’s most famous crossroads.


On March the 11th 2011, Noh flutist and one of Japan’s Living National Treasures Jiro Fujita was giving a workshop in Uzbekistan, while Japan was hit by the earthquake. Not able to return, Fujita stayed in Uzbekistan for several weeks and felt he was hosted with great kindness and was immensely inspired by the beauty of Samarkand. He made a decision to return and offer two special performances dedicated to the people and the place.

Off-Scale Happiness

A Quick Guide to Every Story

Most of the stories we tell have familiar patterns. And if you ask Kurt Vonnegut, you can easily take the clichés one step further and draw them as mathematical shapes.

A Growing Turkish Protest Movement in Germany

Video Report For an Israeli Foreign News TV Magazine

A short video report about the Turkish community's reactions in Germany to the protests at Taksim Square.